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“What is finance/capital markets? Do my skills fit the industry ? I want to do things that help society, it seems that finance / capital markets are not aligned with my career goals. Or am I missing something?”

Beau Coash’s (Class of 1982) goal for the Capital Markets Boot Camp is to answer the questions above. He will provide you with a primer to help understand the landscape of companies and roles available within investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers, pension funds, and investment divisions of life insurance companies. You will walk away with a better understanding of the space and where you might fit in it. Beau will teach you some basic tools to help you interview better by giving you an understanding of items like the yield curve, what is an addressable market, how do you go about valuing companies – and why does any of this matter. You will also explore why the finance industry at large is changing due to increased regulation and what this means for long term prospects. Beau believes that liberal arts graduates do very well in Capital Markets because “we typically have a love for learning and you never stop learning when you work in our industry.” The session will be interactive so bring your energy and your e-devices as you will look things up together and discover that Capital Markets is not as difficult to understand as you might think.

Beau Coash graduated from Middlebury in 1982 before spending 12 years at Lehman Brothers (investment bank), and has been with Fidelity for 12 years (asset manager). Beau developed the program and curriculum for Fidelity’s cross discipline training program called the Business Associate Program for college graduates (almost all participants have been liberal arts school graduates).

Register for this program by emailing by October 26. Space is limited.

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