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If you’re interested in learning to cook something special, but not too complicated, this workshop might be for you! Each week we will meet over zoom for about two hours and cook
together step by step. You can learn recipes for five dishes that you can make for your family and friends, or just for yourself if you feel like a special meal—plus some general cooking tricks. No experience is necessary; everyone is welcome! You also do not have to register for all of the meetings; you are welcome to sign up for only the sessions you are interested in on the registration form. These are the recipes for each week (a list of ingredients will be provided before each meeting). If you have dietary needs that are not reflected, please indicate it on your registration form and I would be happy to talk through how you could achieve a variation of the recipe using ingredients that will better suit your needs.
• Monday January 18: Spatzle (German noodles) and pan fried potatoes (to start off with, we’ll be making these two separate dishes that are easy and fun and are nice treats to have in your fridge.) (noodles include eggs and flour)
• Monday January 25: Homemade macaroni and cheese (includes cheese and milk)
• Monday February 1: Pancakes with fragrant apple topping (pancakes include eggs and flour)
• Monday February 8: Lemon pepper chicken and pasta (chicken is optional and added at the end, but sauce includes milk).
This workshop is synchronous, once weekly. Each session lasting 2 hours, Eastern standard time

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