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Professor Robert Stolz, University of Virginia

This talk addresses how the relationship of Japan to its environment has undergone something of a sea change in the last few years. Until the “lost decade” of the 1990s, there were countless studies highlighting Japanese culture’s “special relationship” to nature. But since the ending of the Japanese economic miracle, and of course with the triple-disaster of 3/11 and the Fukushima nuclear plant, eco-friendly Japan has become a symbol of environmental destruction and even an enviro-technical hellscape. In this talk, I inquire into “the national question” in environmental studies in order to reveal the repeated production of “national sacrifice zones” going back to the beginning of the Japanese state in the 1870s.

Sponsors: Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs, Academic Enrichment Fund, Environmental Studies, East Asian Studies, and the Departments of Japanese Studies and History.

Sponsored by:
Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs; Environmental Studies; History; Japanese

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