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The Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs along with the International and Global East Asian Studies Program, present Aaron Guy Leroux, “Disperse, Or We Fire.”

In June of 2019, Hongkongers once again took to the streets to battle for their rights, and for the fate of their city. Photojournalist Aaron Guy Leroux spent 10 months on the ground in Hong Kong covering what has been dubbed the Anti-Extradition protests and in this talk Leroux will share stories of his experience that are illustrative of some of the dynamics and patterns he witnessed emerging from the protests. In addition, drawing on his experiences covering the Gilets Jaunes protests in Paris in 2018, the Umbrella Movement protests in Hong Kong in 2014, and the George Floyd protests in Los Angeles in 2020, Leroux will share some thoughts on the nature of these protest movements, on policing as it relates to police conduct in all four protest movements, as well as observations on the information and communications battles that flood the media sphere when citizens take to the streets.

To join this webinar, use this Zoom Link or visit the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs events.


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