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Improving Korea’s Foreign Aid: Focus on the System of Evaluation
Minho Cho’s project examines accomplishments and areas for improvement in South Korea’ foreign aid evaluation system, and develops recommendations to improve it.

Strategy Canvas and Ecosystem Analysis for creating a nonprofit in West Africa.
Edwin Zoluda & Janet Addoh - Team Pro-Net - explored prospects of creating a capacity development oriented nonprofit in West Africa.

Preparing for Organizational Change at California FarmLink
Patricia Akers, Chelsea Sebetich, and Flynn Pollard’s team’s project contains three complementary components: an assessment of FarmLink’s core competencies and orientation within the local system, frameworks for interorganizational collaboration, and an impact analysis with recommendations for future evaluation.

The Flight of the Millennial: How to Attract Generation-Y Employees to Federal Government
Deanna Burns analyzed how might a federal agency where she interned better retain high quality interns post-internships

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