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“When citizens of nominally democratic governments protest in the streets they are performing the foundational myth of democracy: the faith that the people possess ultimate sovereignty over their governments.

Contemporary protest is broken because the will of the people is no longer the basis of the authority of government. Put colourfully, the people’s sovereignty is dead and every protest is a hopeless struggle to revive the corpse. It is time to try a different method.”

– Micah White, co-creator of the Occupy Movement and author of The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution

 What are these different methods? Why is activism in a crisis? How does it need to be strategically different? How has protest culture evolved? How do we move beyond spectacle? How can activism operate on a local level? What is the role of activism in higher education? What does it mean to be a professional activist? How do we avoid activist elitism and fights over being “woke” or “not woke?” How can we use activism to bridge the rural and urban divide?

 Come join the co-creator of Occupy Wall Street for a conversation on the future of activism. Monday, November 6th. Warner Hemisphere. 7pm.

 *NOTE: Warner Hemisphere can be inaccessible and difficult to locate. Included below is a map highlighting the location of the event. Direction will be chalked on sidewalks on the day of the event. Seating is limited, please ensure you arrive early! :)

 Learn more about Micah White at https://www.micahmwhite.com/

Sponsored by:
Middlebury College Activities Board; SUNDAY NIGHT ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP

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