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The Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs program on Global Health Challenges along with the department of Global Health, presents Nancy Fullman ‘07 and Gloria Ikilezi and “Exemplars in Vaccine Delivery: How Understanding Positive Outliers Can Inform Global Health Policy and Practice.”

Expanding the reach of childhood vaccination is considered among the highest impact endeavors in global health today. Yet each year, millions of children remain un- or under-vaccinated, elevating the risk for preventable disease and death worldwide. Identifying ‘positive outliers’ in vaccine delivery, or countries that have achieved exceptional progress in childhood vaccination, can provide vital insights for adapting successful policy and practice to other contexts. Ms. Fullman ’07 and Dr. Ikilezi will discuss approaches used by Exemplars in Global Health partnership to better understand strong performers in vaccine delivery, and how different types of data can advance our understanding of what works to improve global health.

Nancy Fullman ‘07, MPH is a Exemplars in Global Health Research Fellow at Gates Ventures, where she conducts analytic work on vaccine delivery. Gloria Ikilezi, PhD MD is an Associate Director for the Exemplars in Global Health program at Gates Ventures, leading teams focused on vaccine delivery, and neonatal and maternal health.

To join this webinar, use this Zoom link or visit the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs events.


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