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453 Van Buren Street
Monterey, CA 93940
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The Global Solutions Arts & Music Festival (GSAMF) is all about people and solutions, to address the myriad of global challenges that beset the world today. Humanity is faced with health, environmental, political, and developmental issues, but there are also several people and organizations working hard to mitigate the effect these challenges have on us.
This one-day event is a coalition of the arts, music, and human ingenuity. We will explore themes in environment, Ethical Consumerism, Non-Proliferation and Terrorism, and the Individual Identity Crisis Problem.

The GSAMF is powered by the African Nations Club (ANC), and the Mixtape Exchange Club (MEC) of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS), which are active student led organizations working to foster intercultural exchange and the promotion of interculturality at MIIS and the wider Monterey community. Both clubs are also partnering with local organizations to make this possible, including the Monterey Arts Museum, Palenke Arts Group, and Save the Surf organization.

We at the ANC, MEC, and MIIS, seize this opportunity to give back to our community, educate, leave them empowered and better prepared to live a more meaningful life. The GSAMF is a free and open community event, to be held on MIIS’s campus, Samson Student Center, patio, and various classrooms, which will host as venues to address global solutions through student and community presentations.

Finally, the GSAMF is a time of music, arts, conscious interaction, dance, community integration, human exchange.

Sponsored by:
MIIS- Student Affairs

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Kyle Burnett