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“Evolution of One Vermont Farm, the Meach Cove story” by Christopher W. Davis ‘81, Meach Cove Farms, VT.

A Middlebury graduate returned to Vermont for a two year stay on what was then his families’ farm, and he is still working on this same piece of land 40 years later. This is the story of what happened along the way and where this special piece of land is headed in the future. The adventure weaves through historic finds, livestock mishaps, horse logging, renewable fuel production (ethanol, grass briquettes), building the largest solar energy plant in the State, field trail for perennial wheat (Kernza) and concludes with some highlights of potential next steps.

Chris manages the operation of Meach Cove Farms and the on-site 15-acre solar farm. Oversight of certified organic cropland, grazing leases on the pastures, a sustainable woodlot management program, invasive plants and shrub mitigation, on-site rental housing, and anything else that comes up with a large property with more than 70 neighbors, a mile of lakeshore, two public roads through it, a public beach, a spiritual center, and several thousand registered visitors who recreate on specific areas. Chris began managing the farm in 1982 as one of the family partners who owned it at that time. The partnership sold the farm to the Meach Cove Trust in 1997 and Chris was hired to continue as the manager. He is a graduate of Middlebury College (1981) and added post graduate classes in plant and animal sciences at the University of Vermont.

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