McGowan DLC Design Space (MG001)
411 Pacific Street
Monterey, CA 93940
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Please join us to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of Immersive Learning Experiences at MIIS. Students will have the opportunity to hear directly from and engage with former Team El Salvador, Team Peru, DPMI Rwanda, Peace Corps Master International, and Waseda Study Abroad participants.

About the Class:
Members of the class “Systems thinking and practice for effective management of social change organizations” have been engaging in reflective action to better understand how learning actually occurs (and doesn’t) in immersive education opportunities. As a class we are using a complexity theory framing that looks to the micro level of student engagements to see how learning opportunities actually emerge, how broader contextual issues (culture, institutions, geography etc.) affect that, and how we all play a role in enabling and constraining learning through communicative power relationships that generate winners and losers and things in-between. Our purpose is to learn about complexity and systems thinking, but also to better understand how we can be more purposeful in shaping our immersive learning and more reflective at how we participate in how others are or are not able to do so as well.

Sponsored by:
Graduate School of International Policy and Management

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Alfredo Ortiz