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Journaling the Pandemic: What 25,000+ Journal Entries Can Tell Us about the COVID-19 Pandemic – and Ourselves
How can a trove of first-person reflections on the changing texture of pandemic life – created with the ordinary tools of 21st century digital life – enrich, and challenge, our understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact close to home and around the globe?

The Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs program on Global Health and Medicine presents “The Pandemic Journaling Project.”

In this discussion, medical anthropologists Sarah Willen (University of Connecticut) and Katherine Mason (Brown University) will introduce the Pandemic Journaling Project (PJP), a combined journaling platform and research study they co-created in 2020 as a space where ordinary people around the world could create a weekly chronicle of their pandemic experiences using words, audio, or images. Not only does PJP provide a powerful window onto the varied impact of COVID around the globe, but its logic of “archival activism” and method of “grassroots collaborative ethnography” show how innovative, public-facing research methods can shape future understandings of a contemporary global health crisis.

Presentation via Zoom Webinar. To join this webinar, please use this Zoom link or visit the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs events.

Sponsored by:
Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs; Global Health Minor Program; Anthropology

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