Open to the Public

Loose Change is a group of young musicians from the Middlebury area who play a mix of blues, jazz, soul, and rock music. The founding members, Daniel Mench-Thurlow and Eben Schumacher, formed an acoustic duo in their early years at Middlebury Union High School, born out of a passion for classic rock and blues music. Since then, Loose Change is proud to have acquired several members from the high school jazz band, including drummer Mark Pettit, bass player Sawyer Mclaughlin, blues guitarist Yared Lacey, and two saxophone players, Addison Tate and Caetano Hanta-Davis. The band has also recruited two talented vocalists, Mira Atherton, and singer/songwriter Nick Marshall. Together, the group plays a vibrant blend of original tunes and songs from blues and rock artists such as Derek Trucks, Eric Clapton, and the Allman Brothers Band. The whole band has an immense passion for playing music, and they are excited to perform their last shows before they leave for college in the fall.