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Optimizing spirits distribution in Bangkok with data-driven marketing analytics
Spirits, or “hard liquor”, is a 500 billion USD industry globally and a 20 billion USD industry in Thailand, comprising almost 4% of total GDP there. The premium spirits market is a global oligopoly dominated by 3 major brand owners: Diageo (Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, others), Pernod Ricard (Chivas, Absolut, others), and Bacardi (Bacardi rum, Dewars, Grey Goose, others) which together command 50% global market share.

In 2019, Bacardi selected Thailand to test a data-driven approach to strategy and engagement - could quantitative analysis help select the optimal venues, terms, and conditions for partnerships?

In this project, we recruited 10 survey-takers to collect about 100 data points from 500 different venues using a custom-designed survey instrument and mobile app. We developed several metrics and algorithms designed to convert these data into actionable strategic and executional recommendations for optimizing marketing. 

This talk by Amitiva Biswas, Professor of the Practice, will give a brief overview of the industry, review metric and algorithm development, the data gathering process, and findings from the project.

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