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Join Alejandro Covarrubias, social justice and equity consultant and current Executive Director of Student Inclusion and Belonging at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona for an inclusive discussion and reflection series about masculinities at Middlebury. Target Audience. Middlebury Students who identify as men (cisgender men, trans men, gender nonconforming men, etc.) and are passionate about developing conversations about health masculinities at Middlebury. The purpose of the retreat is to invite students who identify as men (cisgender men, trans men, gender nonconforming men, etc.) to engage in personal reflection, community building and strategizing about how to develop healthier masculinities at Middlebury College.
Learning Outcomes
• Gain an understanding of basic concepts of the constructions of gender identity and gender expression.
• Engage in self-exploration about what kind of man I want to be; and how I impact people around.

• Consider ways to explore healthier versions of masculinities at the intersections of race, culture, social class and other salient social identities at Middlebury.
Workshop Topics
• Wednesday January 20: Masculinity 101: What does it mean to be a man? This session will focus on the construction of gender and masculinity within the U.S. and how college men are socialized through the lens of gender.
• Wednesday January 27: From boyhood to manhood: What is my definition of manhood? This session will explore how men know when they are a “man” versus a “boy” and help the participants identify meaningful milestones in their growth into a healthy manhood.
• Wednesday February 3: Men and Health: Do I like the way I look? The way I feel? This session will explore how body image and mental health for college men and the connection between feeling attractive and feeling confident.
• Wednesday, February 10: Men and Relationships: Who do I call when I need a friend? Who would call me? This session explores how men engage in relationships (with family, friends, romantic partners, etc.), what they get out of them and what they give to them.
This workshop is synchronous, once weekly. Each session lasting 1 hour, Eastern standard time.

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