Off Campus MIIS related event

Open to the Public

All season long, the MIISFits have been pouring their blood, sweat, and tears into exciting and emotional games of slow pitch softball. We’ve left our souls on the field; we’ve made barehanded double plays; we’ve tripped over first base and we have missed grounders a toddler could catch.

Our final game of the regular season is next Tuesday night at 9 pm. HELP US MAKE IT TO POST SEASON FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!

We can do it. We CAN DO IT. But we need your help. Please come out and cheer on the MIISFits as they take on their arch nemesis, The Elks (bum bum bum). We’re currently sitting in fifth place in the division and need to win our last two games to make it to the playoffs. So help us be there; help us get that; HELP US GET THAT BIG WIN.

Location: Jack’s Park

Sponsored by:
MIIS- Student Affairs

Contact Organizer

Gabriella Schlesinger-James