Davis Family Library 201- Watson Lecture Hall
110 Storrs Road
Middlebury, VT 05753
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Jac Blinoff, “Feminist critique of human rights: Can we find a solution?”
Offers an overview of feminist critiques of international human rights law and proposes, as a solution, to introduce legal guidelines for judges to promote a feminist interpretation and application of the law.

8:00 PM August Newell, “Lesbian Specificity and Gender Beyond the Binary”
Following an investigation into the nature of gender, I apply a framework of epistemic injustice to defend gender labels and their utility in enabling a diversity of liveable gendered existences.

8:30 PM Lily Jones, “Kierkegaard’s Socratic Task”
Highly inspired by Socrates, Søren Kierkegaard embarks on a mission to indirectly prompt in readers a return to inwardness and faith throughout his authorship. In this paper, I will examine to what extent Kierkegaard’s methods and goals are fundamentally Socratic and how that ought to shape our understanding of the “Father of Existentialism.”

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