Davis Family Library 201- Watson Lecture Hall
110 Storrs Road
Middlebury, VT 05753
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7:30 PM Ben Awtrey, “A philosophical framework for understanding and addressing the problem of physician burnout”
This analysis examines the current literature and makes the argument that there are similarities and links between empirical medical research and philosophical theories. These associations translate into interdisciplinary, evidence-based solutions which could bring effective change to the industry.

8:00 PM Sean Lovett, “Artificial Consciousness: Could Machines Have a Capacity for Phenomenal Consciousness?”
This project delves into whether “Strong AI” is feasible or even possible. Could a computer be conscious? How can we tell whether an agent which we perceive to be conscious really is, and isn’t simply a highly convincing replication of a conscious mind?

8:30 PM Colin Lyman, “Reliability, Anonymity, and Virtual Spaces: How Should We Conclude Online?”
Provides an account of how online communities form and function, arguing that one can sometimes draw reliable conclusions from information propagated in largely anonymous virtual spaces. From different epistemological perspectives, discusses whether one should actually treat these conclusions as knowledge.

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