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Dim Sum is a range of small Chinese dishes that are traditionally enjoyed at tea houses for brunch. Dim Sum means “to touch the heart” in Chinese. It describes people sharing a pot of tea while eating little comforting dishes. Originating in the Canton region, this course was created in order to satisfy the traders and travellers who would stop for rest and business. More than just food, dim sum needs to be enjoyed with good company and good conversation.

We plan to make pineapple buns in the first of our six part dim sum making series.

Folks do not need to identify as Asian to participate. The workshop is geared toward to WOC, PALANA, and ASIA but is open to all. We hope to encourage intercultural conversations and community building using food as a medium.

Sponsored by:
Palana House; Asian Students in Action (ASIA); Women of Color (WOC)

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Asia, Asian Students In Action (Asia)