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“Who I am is the possibility of the transformation of humanity.  What I’m giving up is that I’m misunderstood” – Mahting Putelis

Who do you stand with?  Where do you stand?  What does it mean for us to have something in common?  CEO of Hunt to Eat Mahting Putelis and artist-in-residence Dr. Carolyn Finney open up with each other about identity, conservation, generational trauma, & the challenge of walking the talk.  Join them as they take the leap – bring your open hearts and good questions!

Moderated by Mary Scott Robinson ‘24 and Charlie Caldwell ’22.

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Hunt To Eat is a Colorado organization which has created a community of people for whom hunting and obtaining their own food is a source of pride and part of a lifestyle - folks who go outdoors, harvest wild meat, plants, or fungi, and take these items home to be cooked with care for themselves or their friends and family. This community is not defined by race, politics, education, wealth, or gender; it is simply a human community. Hunting, fishing, foraging, and existing in nature are things that human beings have done to survive since the dawn of our evolution. Everyone who exists in nature is part of the Hunt to Eat community.

Sponsored by:
Environmental Affairs; Environmental Studies; Black Studies

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Wiseman, Janet
(802) 443 - 5710