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Research shows that one in three women and almost one in six men will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime, Middlebury is no exception to this statistic. Join our virtual talk with Jennifer Hirsch and Shamus Khan, authors of Sexual Citizens. Their groundbreaking study about sexual violence on college campuses is the biggest research project ever done on this topic, and addresses questions we as a collective society have yet to seriously ask ourselves. Authors Jennifer and Shamus provide an essential opportunity to look at sexual violence from the voices of individual experiences. Sexual Citizens culminates a unique and deeply truthful perspective from which we will discuss questions such as: How is the basis for sexual violence established and perpetuated on college campuses? Who is affected and to what extent? What are the complexities and dynamics that are missing from the ways we talk about sexual violence? And what can we do to prevent sexual violence? This is a must-have conversation at Middlebury, and we are incredibly lucky to have Jennifer and Shamus start us off on the right path to a critical conversation about our community, it’s safety, and the ways we want to relate with each other.

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