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Everyone knows that the U.S., and much of the world, is more politically divided than ever before. With the inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden in January, we will likely see these tensions arise and be renewed this winter. This workshop will give us an opportunity to learn skills of listening and learning about different points of view and beliefs. By learning and practicing with tools that help you discover more about your own political autobiography, and about that of others, you will build skills that can apply not only to political conversations, but also to any conversation where there is difference. This is an approach that puts debating and convincing aside—it is about conversations that do not seek to change your conversation
partner, but rather to hear them and perhaps begin to understand them. These steps may seem small, but we believe they are some of the hardest and most necessary skills to have and practice! We encourage people of all political beliefs and degrees of political engagement to attend this workshop. If you shy away from politics, this is also the workshop for you!
This workshop is synchronous, once weekly. Each session lasting one hour, Eastern standard time.

Instructors will be Danielle Stillman & Omar Kawam

Sponsored by:
Student Engagement Office

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