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Calling all students! Have you experienced challenges with group work during remote learning? Had any terrific group work experiences? In this workshop, we’re asking for student input into what works for remote collaborative group work.

This will be an action-oriented session, where we will focus on what is going well, what needs to happen to improve current work, as well as identifying problems that we might not immediately know how to solve. We invite all students interested in sharing their experiences and ideas to attend. DLINQ will use your input to create resources to better support faculty and students in collaborating at a distance.

When you register for this session you will be added to a collaborative document where you can begin to share your ideas prior to the session if you choose to do so. We look forward to working with you and learning more about your ideas and suggestions. We will incorporate your feedback into a subsequent session targeted to faculty about the same topic.

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Office of Digital Learning and Inquiry

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Stafford, Heather R.