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Join Andrew Eisen ’08, an American Literature major with a degree in creative writing as he talks and shares tips about the work he does for producers at SunDial Pictures and Management 360 amongst others. He never really considered writing as profession and thought he needed to get a corporate job. Is that you too? After the economy tanked and he lost his job he started writing scripts and never really stopped. He flirted with law school (twice) but kept at the writing. The first script he wrote (and rewrote 40+ times) got optioned in 2011 and ended up getting made last year (Youth in Oregon) with a real budget and a great cast and will be premiering at Tribeca Film Fest in April. If creating films and TV might be for you and you’re game to work hard, take notes / criticisms (aka improve your craft) and are willing scrape by for a couple years — screenwriting is an incredibly exciting and rewarding gig. Bring your questions and curiosity. Open to all students, capped at 15 for maximum amount of interaction. RSVP on MOJO now.

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