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This support group space is open to all Middlebury in-person and remote students who are in quarantine or isolation. The focus of this support group is connecting with one another, sharing your experiences, and together identifying ways to cope during a time that can feel isolating and uncertain. This support group space is a weekly, mostly drop-in group (students still need to “sign up” by reaching out to group counselor to request zoom link) offered through the Spring 2021 semester.

In this support group space, students will have the opportunity to check in with one another and offer peer support. It is common to feel lonely, anxious, frustrated, sad, worried, FOMO, and a variety of other emotions when quarantining or in isolation. There will be guided reflection questions to open space for sharing experiences, coping strategies that may be helpful while navigating quarantine or isolation, the chance to ask questions and clarify resources available to you, and time to think about how you might take care of yourself over the next week, day, or even just the next hour. This space is meant to be interactive and flexible so that it meets student needs in the here and now.

[note: Support groups are NOT the same thing as a therapy group. This means that although these spaces can feel supportive, they do not constitute mental health treatment. The purpose of a support group is to bring together people with a shared experience (i.e., being in quarantine or isolation) so the group can offer mutual aid and support. If you are interested in formal counseling support, please visit Middlebury College Counseling or go/counseling for more information on the services available to you.]

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