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We have found that our most rewarding travel experiences come from being active members of a community rather than passive tourists. For this reason, Walking Tree specializes in programs that integrate travelers into communities around the world where they will work to complete meaningful community service while living with local families. Our programs are designed for a proactive, select group of travelers who are not looking for the typical tourist trip, but rather an opportunity to interact with another culture while forming relationships that can continue long after they return home. We encourage you to spend time abroad with us, opening your heart and mind to an experience you will never forget!

As a small and personal organization we embrace flexibility and spontaneity during our programs to ensure that all travelers feel empowered to contribute and make the most of their experience. Whether it is working with Peace Corps volunteers in Senegal on a reforestation campaign, supporting a micro-finance project in Guatemala, building schoolhouses in Costa Rica, teaching English at an orphanage in Mexico, or living with monks at a Zen Buddhist monastery in China, our programs enable travelers to see themselves, other cultures, and the world in a new and exciting light

Sponsored by:
CSO - Career Services Office; Center for Careers & Internships

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Zz Quesnel, Becky P.