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In The Dissent Channel former diplomat Elizabeth Shackelford chronicles how the problems facing U.S. diplomacy—exacerbated under the last administration—aren’t new. One is impunity: the U.S. turned a blind eye to gross injustices and human rights abuses by South Sudan’s government, and—determined to see South Sudan a success—failed to prioritize accountability. This not only insulated Sudan’s government from consequence, but contributed to a deterioration that ended in war. U.S. foreign policy is riddled with similar examples of our support for partner governments overshadowing a commitment to human rights and rule of law. Ultimately, this undermines U.S. national security interests. Shackelford will discuss how impunity problems apply today—from Saudi Arabia to Israel to Ethiopia—and whether the Biden administration’s focus on human rights and democracy might signal that these lessons have been learned. 

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