Leena Her


Leena Her  (Inclusive Education Department, Kennesaw State University) 

Leena Her is an assistant professor of education. Her research and teaching focus on urban and multicultural education, culturally sustaining pedagogy, and inclusive education. She has a particular interest in the implications that culture and differences have on how educators and policy makers theorize minority student educational achievement. She has conducted ethnographic research in California and Laos.


Reframing Deficit Narratives of Gender Disparities in Education in Lao PDR 

Lao PDR has identified gender equality as one of eight MDGs. In particular, it has identified eliminating gender disparity in primary and secondary education for all grade levels by 2015. While Lao PDR continues to make progress on gender equity goals, gender disparities continue to be salient in ethnic groups within Lao. This ethnographic study explores the educational experiences of college women from one ethnic group, the Hmong, to document how gender intersects with the cultural and political economy of schooling. The findings of this study challenge explanations set forth by government and development agencies, which frame gender gaps in education as deficit-based problems originating from within ethnic minority communities.

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