Charlie MacCormack


Charlie MacCormack  (Executive in Residence, Middlebury College) 

Charlie MacCormack currently serves as executive chair of the Millennium Development Goal Health Alliance. He was president and CEO of Save the Children (1993 to 2012) and president and CEO of World Learning/SIT (1977 to 1993). Previously, he was dean of the Master’s Program in Development Management at the School for International Training and assistant to the dean of the International Fellows Program at Columbia University. He completed his undergraduate studies at Middlebury College and received his master’s degree and PhD from Columbia University.


Who Participates? The evolution of a “global partnership for development” 

The global institutional architecture for development assistance was established in the wake of World War II; yet the political and economic landscape upon which these institutions operate today is vastly different. In this paper, we explore how the expanding role of private actors has shaped global development. The expanding role of corporations, civil society actors, philanthropists, and research groups offers great promise, but severe collective action problems plague the new multi-stakeholder system. We illustrate the challenges of private-public partnerships through two case studies of cooperation around two MDGs–the eradication of malaria and the achievement of universal primary education. We argue that robust collaboration is currently the exception rather than the rule and identify several ways to improve coordination and focus the development agenda.

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