MERP Planning and Working Groups work closely together, but have different responsibilities.  MERP is the acronym for Middlebury Enterprise Resource Planning.  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is often used to refer to a technology platform.  Banner is Middlebury’s current ERP, Oracle and Blackbaud are becoming Middlebury’s new ERP.  

MERP (Middlebury ERP) Planning Group provides

  • Leadership

  • Oversight and decisions

  • Meets regularly with the MERP Working group

Members include:  David Provost, Bill Burger, Colleen Fitzpatrick, LeRoy Graham, Vijay Menta, Karen Miller, Hannah Ross, Baishakhi Taylor


MERP (Middlebury ERP) Working Group coordinates overall project implementation

  • Communication

  • Change management

  • Training needs

  • Meets weekly and regularly with the MERP Planning Group

Members include:  Jami Black, Mike Thomas, Ellen Usilton, David Ludwig, Sheila Cameron, LeRoy Graham, Adela Langrock, Jai Shankar