The Divine Spark lives in all of us, and perpetually strives toward its origin.
— Seneca

The Scott Center strives to:

  • Promote religious programs and provide support in a manner that reflects the virtue of hospitality;
  • Foster an atmosphere of personal warmth and community;
  • Provide opportunities for students to learn from religious and cultural diversity and to foster interfaith respect;
  • Provide liturgical leadership at a variety of worship venues;
  • Support student initiatives to bring breadth and depth to spiritual life on campus;
  • Seek opportunities to be integrated into the intellectual life of the College;
  • Maintain and model the highest standards of truth and civility;
  • Look for opportunities to work together with community members in efforts that focus in issues of justice, honesty, integrity, peace, and concern for the marginalized;
  • Offer pastoral care and outreach to the campus community;
  • Forge interpersonal relationships with students that will last beyond graduation.

Charles P. Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life
46 South Street
Middlebury, VT 05753