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Annual ski-down procession at Middlebury College Snow Bowl on Feb. 4

January 31, 2006


MIDDLEBURY, Vt.?With the end of Middlebury College's winter term, many students also celebrate the closing of their undergraduate college careers.

Some graduates ski with considerable expertise and vim while participating in the ski-down.
More than 90 students from the class of 2006 will earn bachelor of arts degrees from Middlebury upon the mid-year completion of their academic requirements, officially on March 1. As part of a congratulatory weekend for these graduates, the annual "ski-down" procession in cap and gown will take place on Saturday, Feb. 4, at the Middlebury College Snow Bowl in Hancock. In addition to the afternoon ski-down, graduates will be lauded at a special event held earlier in the day in Mead Chapel at 9:30 a.m.

The college offers admission to students twice each year, in September and again in February. A program in its own right at Middlebury since the 1970s, February admissions is designed to allow some first-year students to begin their college studies in the spring semester after high school graduation instead of starting immediately in the fall. As these students complete their undergraduate careers, the college honors their accomplishments with a weekend-long mid-winter celebration.

Some graduates, who often learn to ski while at Middlebury so they can participate in the celebratory ski-down, negotiate the slope with care.
Following the custom initiated by mid-year graduates more than two decades ago, most students choose to participate one way or another in the ski-down event, a festive procession on the slopes. Led by a Middlebury College standard-bearer, honorees ride the chairlift or trek up the mountain to ply their way back down in a procession of caps and gowns, regalia-bedecked faculty, blue and white balloons, skis, snowboards and snowshoes to the cheers and hearty congratulations of family, friends and college faculty and staff waiting below.

Some graduates simply make the procession by hook or by crook - or in this case, by snowshoe.
The college community looks forward to seeing its March graduates return later each spring, when they join the rest of their class at the official commencement ceremony on the main campus in May.

For more information prior to the event, see the February Celebration web site, or contact the Middlebury College Alumni and Parent Programs Office at 802-443-5183.

2006 February Celebration Schedule

February 3

5:00- 5:30 p.m.


Center for the Arts Concert Hall

  • Student welcome
  • Introduction by President Ronald D. Liebowitz
  • John M. McCardell, Jr., president emeritus and professor of history, guest speaker


    5:30-7:00 p.m.

    President's Reception

    Center for the Arts, Upper and Lower Lobbies 

    February 4

    9:30 a.m.
    February Celebration Ceremony
    Mead Memorial Chapel

  • Student address to the senior class
  • President's address to the senior class
  • Middlebury College Alumni Association presentation

    1:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m.

    February Ski Procession

    Middlebury College Snow Bowl