Sara Marshall
Painter House
(802) 443-5650

Sara Marshall is the lead editor of the alumni section, Class Acts, of the award-winning Middlebury Magazine and is one of the lead proofreaders in the Communications Office.

In her magazine work, she mentors and guides approximately 150 alumni correspondents through the information-gathering and editorial processes each issue so she can write and edit over 75 class notes columns. She works with freelance writers and internal reviewers to create alumni profiles and artistic reviews and assigns and monitors these writing projects. She is responsible for coordinating with the production editor and the professional proofreader on layout and quality control of the approximately 30 pages of Class Acts. She often serves as a primary contact at the College for alumni with news to share or questions to be answered and plays an important role in alumni relations.

She also proofreads various written and digital works created by the Communications Office for other departments and is the final set of experienced eyes on those projects before they go to the printers.

Sara has a BA in English from Bucknell University and an MEd from Lesley University. Prior to joining the Middlebury staff, she ran her own copyediting and proofreading business and for many years was an elementary school teacher.