Three students sit in chairs against a large window. There are wearing masks and working..
Students working in Axinn spring 2021 
Many students all in masks, some on chairs, others on the floor look at their professor. The professor is in a mask and stands next to a large mosaic art piece.
Art History class viewing the new public mosaic installation in Axinn, spring 2021.
A students sits alone with a mask on and reads attentively. Two chairs away, a student and a professor meet both in masks.
Students working in Axinn’s Winter Garden. 
A student and professor meet outside on the steps of Axinn on a bright sunny day.
A student and professor meet outside.
A student wearing a mask works on his laptop atop a large wooden table.
A student working in Starr Library. 
Two students wearing masks, sit distanced and chatting in Axinn. Large art pieces hang on the wall behind them.
Two students in Axinn spring 2021.