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  1. Faculty

    Some Clarifications for Faculty Colleagues

    | by Jeff Cason and Sujata Moorti

    We write with a follow-up to the College’s announcement on Monday that we plan to welcome students back to campus in Vermont this coming fall. We know that there is a great deal of uncertainty about how the fall will look, given the public health situation, but we know this initial decision will help move us forward in our planning for the upcoming semester.

  2. Faculty

    Summer Research and Internships

    | by Jeff Cason and Sujata Moorti

    We wanted to update you on some decisions regarding summer activities on campus, as we know that students are concerned about making their summer plans and that faculty are also in the process of planning for the summer, as we head into this unusual summer for all of us.

  3. Students

    Update on Grading Policy

    | by Jeff Cason, Sujata Moorti, and Suzanne Gurland

    We write to update you on the status of the College’s grading policy for this semester. This morning, the faculty voted in favor of an Opt-In Credit/No-Credit, course-by-course system. For spring 2020 only, you will have the option to take as many of your current courses as you wish on a Credit/No-Credit basis. If you don’t choose Credit/No-Credit for a particular course, that course will remain letter-graded. You have until May 8 to invoke Credit/No-Credit for any of your courses, using an electronic form provided by the Registrar’s Office. You will have a window of time from May 9 to May 19 in which you may revoke any Credit/No-Credit decisions. There will be a notation on the spring 2020 section of all transcripts conveying to outside audiences that a “Credit” should be interpreted as a reasonable response to these extraordinary circumstances, and not as indicating diminished rigor.

  4. Faculty

    Letter to Faculty Regarding Governance

    | by Jeff Cason and Sujata Moorti

    We write at what we know is a moment of significant uncertainty to update you on a number of issues related to faculty governance, our academic policies, and teaching. We also want to acknowledge that our situation is incredibly fluid, and to let you know how much we appreciate the rapid transition to remote learning that you have executed and are executing. We know that we could not have made this transition without our staff colleagues in DLINQ and ITS, and we thank them for all the work they have done.

  5. Students

    Support for Remote Learning

    | by Jeff Cason and Sujata Moorti

    As we enter the second week of our extended spring break, we hope that this message finds you healthy and safe. We, along with your faculty, have been preparing for remote learning, which will begin next Monday, the 30th. This brief message provides you with important information regarding the resumption of classes.

  6. Faculty

    Faculty Update: Logistics for Spring Teaching

    | by Jeff Cason and Sujata Moorti

    It feels like we have been managing the issues connected to the COVID-19 pandemic for months, and to some degree we have been. But our challenges accelerated 13 days ago when we decided to start spring break early and make plans to teach remotely. We know all of you have been scrambling to figure out how to teach remotely. Thank you for these efforts, which have required you to completely rethink how you have done your job for a year, or how you have done it for years or decades. This has been challenging for all of us.

  7. Faculty

    Course Schedule Starting March 30 (For Faculty)

    | by Suzanne Gurland, Jeff Cason, and Sujata Moorti

    Dear Faculty Colleagues, as promised, we are writing with specific information regarding the scheduling of classes once they resume on March 30. Before stating the resolution of our deliberations, we would like to explain the relevant context. We have decided on our way forward after significant consultation, with department chairs and program directors and with the academic continuity group. We recognize that there is no ideal solution to our upcoming schedule, but we have tried to come to the best available solution.