Campus Liaisons are the heart of Projects for Peace team.

Each partner institution designates an individual responsible for working directly with students on their applications, grants, and required reports. Students from partner institutions should seek out their campus liaison directly. Middlebury students can find their campus liaison here.

Projects for Peace headquarters staff are hosted by the Center for Community Engagement at Middlebury College. Responsibilities include strategy development for overall program design, promotion, and integration with Middlebury’s array of global activities, as well as the coordination and support of campus liaisons, and funds disbursement.

Betsy Vegso

Program Director

26 Blinn Lane

Antonio “Naunau” Baker-Medard

Program Coordinator, Projects for Peace

26 Blinn Lane

Devin McGrath-Conwell


Digital Media Coordinator

700 Exchange Street

Special note: Projects for Peace was previously administered by the Davis United World Colleges Scholar Program. Lisa Viau, Executive Assistant for DUWCSP can be reached at

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