Lina Tori Jan and Zohra Hunter are interviewed in a living room.
Lina Tori Jan (Left) and her sister Zohra Hunter appear on TODAY to discuss “Chai was Dastan,” a podcast series about Afghan refugees Lina developed through Projects for Peace.

Displacement as a result of political upheaval, war, and the resultant persecution often experienced by those living in the affected areas has long created a loss of place, community, and culture for those forced to relocate. Women and girls make up nearly half of the global refugee population, a personal reality for Lina Tori Jan.

Tori Jan migrated from Afghanistan to the United States, and ever since that time has been focused on identifying ways to preserve a sense of cultural identity and community both for herself and the many Afghan refugees worldwide. It was this urge that compelled her to design “Chai wa Dastan (Tea and Tale),” a podcast series focused on preserving stories from Afghan women.

Tori Jan and her sister Zohra Hunter appeared on TODAY on October 11, 2021 to discuss their experiences and “Chai wa Dastan.” You can watch the interview here