Jeremy Shiffman


Jeremy Shiffman ( Department of Public Administration and Policy, School of Public Affairs, American University) 

Jeremy Shiffman is a political scientist by training, and researches the politics of health policy-making in low-income countries. His research has been funded by organizations including the Gates, MacArthur, and Rockefeller Foundations. Shiffman has published in multiple journals, including The Lancet, The American Journal of Public Health, and Population and Development Review, and he is the inaugural recipient of the Gary and Stacey Jacobs Award for Excellence in Health Policy Research. He earned a PhD in political science from the University of Michigan.


Agenda-setting in Global Health: Beyond 2015

This presentation will draw on a nearly completed set of studies examining the effectiveness of global health networks that have mobilized to address six high-burden issues facing low-income countries: tuberculosis, pneumonia, tobacco use, alcohol harm, maternal mortality, and neonatal mortality. It will assess what role, if any, the MDGs played in generating international and national political attention to these issues and in the growth of networks that sought to address these problems. The presentation will also comment on the potential for the health SDG (presently goal number 3) to have agenda-setting influence. The main argument is that while international development goals such as the MDGs and SDGs have agenda-setting power, their influence should not be over-stated: they are only one of many factors shaping global and national health priorities.

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