The New Perennials Project (NPP) is a multi-year exploration of the role and influence of agriculture and education as primary feedstocks of the cultures in which they function. It draws inspiration from the work of The Land Institute in Salina, Kansas, to develop perennial grain crops and polyculture farming solutions. Middlebury College and The Land Institute serve as regional hubs of the project, combining their educational and agricultural expertise to explore, recover and grow perennial practices in our food and socio-cultural systems.

Philosopher and Scholar in Residence, Bill Vitek, directs the project and, with his colleagues Marc Lapin and Nadine Canter Barnicle, teaches ENVS 332, The Perennial Turn in Ag and Culture.  NPP also supports campus programming, student interns, and the work of community partners in the region.  More information can be found at (the website will go live in early fall of 2020). Or contact Professor Vitek at or