Oratory Now offers training in oral expression to students at Middlebury College, the Language Schools, and MIIS. Working remotely or in-person, experienced student coaches lead workshops and one-on-one sessions to help participants prepare for a variety of speaking situations, including slide presentations, speeches, interviews, pitches, and storytelling. We partner with faculty to design activities tailored to the assignment, and also offer a PE course in physical and vocal delivery: OratoryX. Through our Remote Oratory Coaching program, we can now provide group or individual coaching on Zoom, as well as asynchronous feedback via video annotation. Our annual speaking events include the college-wide Parker Merrill Speech Competition, NER Out Loud, and the Spencer Prize in Oratory for First-Years.


Dana Yeaton (Faculty Director) dyeaton@middlebury.edu

Ben Powers (Associate) bpowers@middlebury.edu