Within the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research at Middlebury’s Vermont campus, the Director of STEM and Quantitative Support, Jeanne Albert, oversees programs for students and faculty in mathematics, the sciences, and social science disciplines. Jeanne is available to provide guidance to faculty in these fields who are looking for ways to incorporate and implement active pedagogies and deep learning experiences into their courses and classrooms. She can also help faculty assess whether students in their classes would benefit from additional instruction or review of mathematical or quantitative analysis methods, whether for work they will encounter throughout the class or for individual projects or other assignments. More broadly, Jeanne can assist faculty in any discipline who want to help students develop, improve, or apply quantitative or other mathematical reasoning in a course activity or project, including providing suggestions for how to design learning experiences where such reasoning can help deepen student learning and insight.

Contact the CTLR at ctlr@middlebury.edu