The Clemmons Family Farm is one of the rare African-American-owned farms in the state of Vermont. The Farm honors the extraordinary lives of Jackson and Lydia Clemmons, who have owned the farm, located in Charlotte, Vermont, since 1962. The Farm is in a gradual transition phase from a private family-owned farm to a non-profit organization. We actively promote the deeper understanding and appreciation of African-American and African diaspora history, arts, and culture. We foster opportunities to learn from our past, shape our present, and invest in our future. 

The Clemmons Family Farm mobilizes the power of African-American and African diaspora history, art, culture and people to build a loving and supportive multicultural community in Vermont — and to both conserve and preserve the physical farm as an African-American owned land and cultural heritage asset for future generations. We support a growing network of Vermont artists of African descent with professional development, paid engagements, opportunities to collaborate with other artists, and advocacy for equity in the arts and culture sector.