Each site has a “main” news list, typically at /news, that shows stories in that site, but your site can also have other newsrooms that show only a portion of the stories in the site. In School sites, this is based on category tags. In the Offices and Services site, each office has its own news list.

See our documentation on Titles and Teasers, Menus, and URL Paths. These work the same for the Newsroom as for other content types.

Featured Story

You can select one story to be featured, which will sticky it to the top of the list of stories in the Newsroom and show a larger version of its featured image.

Newsroom Tag or Newsroom Group

On School sites, you should select the tag to filter stories for this Newsroom. For example, in the Language Schools site, you could select French to show stories about the School of French in a Newsroom in that portion of the site.

In the Offices and Services site, you should select the name of the office you’re working in. Stories created in this office will then automatically be associated with this Newsroom.