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Abernethy Collection

Julian W. Abernethy, Class of 1876 and College Trustee from 1901-1923, was a distinguished teacher and scholar of American and British literature, and an avid bibliophile.
Learn more about the Julian W. Abernethy Collection of American Literature.

Daphne & Eugene Berenbach Collection
This collection contains more than 500 French and English books from the late 16th through the early 20th centuries. Highlights include nearly 100 books about Paris and its history, numerous works from the 17th century, and an impressive collection of writings on the French Revolution. Learn more about the Daphne and Eugene Berenbach collection.

Helen Hartness Flanders Ballad Collection
One of the nation's great archival collections of New England folksong, folklore, and balladry, the Flanders Ballad Collection was the lifework of Helen Hartness Flanders (1890-1972), of Springfield, Vermont. Learn more about the Helen Hartness Flanders Ballad Collection.

Leicester Hemingway collection of Ernest Hemingway and Hemingway Family archives         
The final product of a vast family archiving project undertaken by writer Leicester Hemingway (1915-1982), younger brother of American writer Ernest (1899-1961), this collection contains more than 1600 items. Learn more about the collection.

Omar Shakespear Pound Islamica Collection
The research library of Omar Shakespear Pound, Arabic and Perisan poet, scholar, and translator. Learn more about the Omar Shakespear Pound Islamica Collection.

William H. Prescott Collection 
Originally assembled to support research on the Shakespeare-Bacon controversy, the Prescott Collection comprises our most valuable and comprehensive collection of 16th and 17th century literature. Learn more about the William H. Prescott Collection.

Robinson Family Letters, 1757 to 1962
15,000  letters from four generations of a Vermont family that harbored runaway slaves and were outspoken supporters of the Abolitionist Movement. On loan from Rokeby Museum, Ferrisburgh, Vermont.

Helen G. Tasheira Incunabula Collection
A collection of incunabula, the plural of incunabulum, Latin for "cradle," or books printed between Johann Gutenberg's invention of moveable type (1450-56) and the year 1500, roughly the first fifty years, or the "cradle period," of printing. Learn more about the collection.

Eric Tunis, '66 Antiquarian Maps and Prints of Asia Collection

A collection of nearly fifty maps ranging from the 15th to the 19th centuries and reflecting the donor's interests in the historic and changing landscapes of the Middle East and Asia. Learn more about the collection.

Wales Hawkins Memorial Robert Frost Collection
Named by its donor, Corinne Tennyson Davids of Manchester, VT, to commemorate the friendship of Robert Frost and Wales Monroe Hawkins, Frost's neighbor in South Shaftesbury, Vermont. Learn more about the collection.

Vermont Collection
Middlebury College has extensive collections relating to the history, politics, and culture of Vermont. Materials includes early Vermont maps, postcards, the Rutland Railroad Archives, and the Crown Point Road Archives. Vermont Studies Research Guide at Middlebury College Library.

Vermont Freedom to Marry Records
The records of Vermont Freedom to Marry (VFM), a non-profit volunteer organization that successfully led efforts to secure same-gendered couples the freedom to marry in Vermont. Learn more about the collection.