How can I take a Pass/Fail course?

Students who are enrolled in four or more courses in a given semester may elect to take one course under Pass/D/Fail option.  Students taking a course under the Pass/D/Fail option who receive a grade of C- or higher will have a Pass (P) grade recorded in their transcripts; students who receive a grade of D or F will have that respective grade recorded on their transcripts.  The deadline for declaring your intention to take a course under the Pass/D/Fail option is posted on the Registrar's website (go/registrar).

Along with this option, the faculty also voted to limit the number of non-standard grades to five.  Non-standard grades include AP, IB, and other pre-college testing credits; winter term internships; winter term pass/fail courses; and courses taken under the Pass/D/Fail option.  For students who entered prior to fall 2012, the five non-standard grade maximum will only apply if they decide to take a course under the Pass/D/Fail option.

Courses taken under the Pass/D/Fail option may not be used to satisfy distribution, College Writing, FYSE, or culture and civilization requirements.  Additionally, these may not be used to satisfy major or minor requirements (with one exception: a first course taken Pass/D/Fail in a department or program in which a student subsequently declares his/her major or minor may, with the approval of the department or program chair, be counted toward major or minor requirements.)

 Students may request the Pass/D/Fail option by submitting a request form, available in the Registrar's Office, Forest Hall.

 For complete information about the Pass/D/Fail option, please see part C of the Course Registration and Conduct of Courses section of the Handbook:


Additional information about the Pass/D/Fail option may be found at: