Quantitative Tutors

Quantitative tutors (Q-tutors) assist students in courses that have moderate to significant mathematics content. Along with introductory courses in mathematics, Q-tutors also provide assistance for a wide range of logic, science, and social science classes. If you are interested in working for CTLR as a quantitative tutor, please contact Jeanne Albert (jalbert@middebury.edu), the Director of Quantitative Support.

Training Schedule for Quantitative Tutors: Fall, 2014

If you are a returning peer tutor, thanks so much for all your dedication in the past and your continued hard work. If you are a new peer tutor this semester, congratulations! We are so glad you've joined us.
All CTLR Peer Tutors receive training in best practices for peer-to-peer learning, in addition to information about overall job expectations. The schedule for required training sessions and other meetings is given below. 
What: Organization Meeting: Returning Tutors
When/Where: Wednesday, September 10, 4:30 to 5:30 pm, LIB 201
(Note change in location from earlier schedules.)
Who: Required for
* all returning Q-Tutors 
What: Organization Meeting: New Tutors
When/Where: Monday, September 15, 4:30 to 6 pm, CTLR
Who: Required for
* all new Q-Tutors


What: Training Session #1
When/Where: Monday, September 22, 4:30 to 6 pm, CTLR
Who: Required for
* all new and returning Q-Tutors
What: Training Session #2
When/Where: Monday, September 29, 4:30 to 6 pm, CTLR 
Who: Required for
* all new Q-Tutors

Additional information about peer tutoring
• All meetings and training sessions (whether required or optional) are paid. Pay rates and schedules will be discussed at the September 10 and September 15 meetings.
• If you have an unavoidable conflict with any of the meeting or training times, please contact Jeanne Albert immediately.
• If you haven't already done so, please ask a professor from your discipline who knows your work to send a brief note (via email) to Jeanne Albert that confirms your content knowledge. 
• Further information about the Peer Tutoring Program is in the Welcome and Orientation Handout (also provided during training.)

Logs

Note: Procedures for using the sign-in logs are discussed during training. You may review the information in the Essential Job Expectations and Responsibilities handout (also provided during training.)


Here are links to 1-1 tutoring student sign-in logs and forms for peer tutors. Use for all disciplines.

1-1 tutoring student sign-in log •••••• 1-1 Peer Tutor form


Here are links to drop-in tutoring student sign-in logs and forms for Peer Tutors.

biology student sign-in log ••••••••••• biology Peer Tutor form

chemistry student sign-in log ••••••••  chemistry Peer Tutor form

economics student sign-in log ••••••••  economics Peer Tutor form

environmental studies sign-in log ••••••• environmental studies Peer Tutor form

math student sign-in log •••••••••  math Peer Tutor form

physics student sign-in log •••••••• physics Peer Tutor form

psychology student sign-in log •••••••• psychology Peer Tutor form