COVID-19: Essential Information

Middlebury IRB Statement on COVID-19

At this time, the IRB remains operational. IRB staff are working remotely, and will continue to review proposals and amendments as they come in. All office hours will now be conducted virtually.

Given the current recommendations for social distancing and minimizing face-to-face interactions, we are temporarily pausing all studies that involve in-person interactions with research subjects. If this applies to your research, you may: 1) forgo work on your project until the pause is lifted (note: you do not need to notify the IRB if you choose this option) 2) file an amendment to continue your research via alternative means (e.g. via Zoom); see the paragraph below for instructions, or 3) submit a statement to the IRB via email with justification for why the additional risk posed by direct interaction with subjects is necessary for your project. Please also describe the measures you will have in place to minimize this risk (e.g. disinfection protocols, protective equipment, etc.). 

If you currently have in-person interactions scheduled with human subjects between now and Friday, April 17th and plan to continue research through alternative means (video conference, online technology. etc.), you must submit a request for a modification to the IRB prior to implementing changes in the protocol. Please include revised informed consent documents and describe the modifications in the consent process, data collection procedure, and revised data security plans in your request. Note that Zoom meetings must be secure; see the Zoom FAQ page for more info). Please submit your modification via email. The IRB will review amendments in the order they are submitted. 

Please continue to monitor the latest communication on COVID-19 from Middlebury here: As always, contact us with any questions or concerns that you have.