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Submit your application as soon as it's ready! The IRB meets to review applications only once each month during the academic year. These deadlines are the latest dates you can submit an application for each month's meeting. But many proposals don't need review by the full committee—they're processed and approved throughout the month on a rolling basis. In most cases, review takes about two weeks.

The IRB does not meet during the summer. We review minimal risk proposals year round, on a rolling basis.

If your research involves risk or involves a "vulnerable population" (e.g., children), it will require review at a meeting. For an application to be considered, the complete and final version must be submitted at least one week before the committee meets. Incomplete, draft, or partial applications received by this date will be considered to have missed the deadline.


  • Meeting: Friday, September 25th (deadline: midnight, Thursday, September 17th)
  • Meeting: Friday, October 16th (deadline: midnight, Thursday,
  • October 8th)
  • Meeting: Friday, November 20th (deadline: midnight, Thursday, November 12th)
  • Meeting: Friday, December 11th (deadline: midnight, Thursday, December 3rd)


  • Meeting: Friday, January 29 (deadline: midnight, Thursday, January 21st)
  • Meeting: Friday, February 19 (deadline: midnight, Thursday, February 11th)
  • Meeting: Friday, March 26 (deadline: midnight, Thursday, March 18th)
  • Meeting: Friday, April 23 (deadline: midnight, Thursday, April 15th)
  • Meeting: Friday, May 14 (deadline: midnight, Thursday, May 6th)