Housing and Dining

Housing and Class Dinner Chart


Class Housing/ Headquarters

Friday Dinner Location

1964 (50th)

Forest Hall/ Forest East lounge

Bread Loaf Inn


1989 (25th)

Atwater A & B/Atwater A lounge

Atwater Dining Hall


1944 (70th)

Hepburn Hall/ Hepburn lounge

Proctor Wood Stove Lounge


1949 (65th)

Hepburn Hall/ Hepburn lounge

Proctor Wood Stove Lounge


1954 (60th)

Hepburn Hall/ Hepburn lounge

Proctor Dining Hall, Main Floor


1959 (55th)

Hepburn Hall/ Hepburn lounge

Kirk Center


1969 (45th)

Bracket and Brooker House, Ridgeline Woods/ Bracket lounge

Home of David ’69 and Magna Dodge ’68

1974 (40th)

Prescott and Palmer House, Ridgeline Woods / Prescott lounge


Ross Dining Hall

1979 (35th)

Pearsons Hall/ Pearsons lounge


Ross Dining Hall

1984 (30th)

Meeker and Munford House / Meeker lounge (Old Chi Psi & Sig Ep)


Ross Dining Hall

1994 (20th)

Allen Hall/ Allen lounge


Wilson Hall, McCullough Student Center

1999 (15th)

Hadley Hall/ Ross lounge


The Grille, McCullough Student Center

2004 (10th)

Gifford Hall/ 2nd Floor Classroom


Nelson Arena

2009 (5th)

Coffrin Hall/ Coffrin lounge

Nelson Arena


Each reunion class will have its own headquarters and classmates will be housed in the same dormitory whenever possible. Suites are available in some dorms but availability is limited and priority will be given to families.
If you choose to stay on campus, we will provide one set of bedding and towels for the duration of your stay. Please note that campus dorms are designed for student living. They are comfortable but spartan. Most dorms consist of a combination of single and double rooms with single beds. Each hall will have shared baths designated male or female; there are no rooms with private baths. All beds on campus are single beds.
If you are registering for reunion and wish to stay on campus, please keep the following in mind when registering for housing:

  • We will keep groups listed under the same registration together to the best of our ability. Any spouses, partners, children, or guests listed on the same registration will be housed in the same room and/or in very close proximity. If you have any questions about whether we can accommodate you, please contact the Alumni Office at 802.443.5443 or e-mail alumni@middlebury.edu.
  • Most of our dorms are handicap-accessible and have elevators, but if you require special accommodation due to medical need (e,g. room on first floor), there will be a place on the registration form to indicate the nature of your needs.
  • We cannot guarantee requests for housing friends in close proximity. We make every effort to house class members in their class headquarters, but once the dorms are at capacity, we house you in buildings as nearby as possible. Even if you register early, we make no guarantees. It is important to remember that the actual time spent in your campus room will be limited, as you will hopefully be out enjoying the campus activities.

We want to make your stay on campus as comfortable as we possibly can but please remember that we are not a hotel and have a very limited ability to satisfy specific personal requests.


Reunion for the Class of 1989 (25th) and the Class of 1964 (50th) begins on Thursday, June 5. Lunch and dinner will be available for the 50th guests on Thursday.

If you purchase the full weekend option, meals will be provided, beginning with lunch for the 55th-75th reunion classes, and Friday class dinner for all other returning classes, through Sunday breakfast. Dinners on Friday and Saturday evening will include an open bar with beer and wine. À la carte options include meals (as purchased), entertainment, lectures and panels, activities, and on-campus transportation. All other events where alcohol is served will be cash bar and indicated as such on the reunion program.

Meals served in our dining halls will have vegetarian and gluten-free options. Menu options will be labeled with ingredients and those ingredients people need to avoid will be highlighted, making the selection process easy if guests want to self-navigate. Vegan meals can be prepared by request if indicated on the registration form.

If you have specific food allergies or dietary requirements, please identify them on the registration form and our dining services and caterers will do their best to accommodate your needs. If you have any questions, please contact the Alumni Office at 802.443.5183.