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Middlebury Voices

Devon Tomasi ’17 is determined to learn and give all she can at Middlebury. One day, she says, “I hope to help people suffering from neurological diseases such as anxiety or bipolar disorder.”


Hometown: Montpelier, Vermont

Major: Neuroscience

Extracurricular activities: 
Neuroscience Student Advisory Committee, College Choir and Mamajamas a cappella group, volunteer work with DREAM Program and Addison County Parent-Child Center

Research work: Research assistant, summer 2015, for study on learning and memory 

Plan for after graduation: Attend graduate school, hoping to explore human and child development

Career goal: Make a difference for people struggling with anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other neurological conditions

Devon Tomasi ’17 is studying neuroscience—definitely a challenging major—but for her that’s only part of getting the most out of Middlebury and giving the most of herself. She has plunged into the campus musical scene, and she does volunteer work with local children and families. All this, Devon notes, is made possible by the financial aid she has received.

“The John L. Hall Family Scholarship for Vermont Students has been critical to my family’s ability to afford a Middlebury education,” says Devon, who grew up in Montpelier. “I’m now part of a diverse community of people with unique backgrounds, opinions, and experiences. I’m learning new things about the world and myself every day.”  

Devon ran and was elected sophomore student representative to the Neuroscience Student Advisory Committee. “My job is to serve as the bridge between department faculty and students,” she says. “It has been so rewarding.” In summer 2015 she did research work on campus, helping Michael Dash, assistant professor of psychology, begin a study on learning and memory. 


“My other passion is music,” Devon says. “Last year I joined the Mamajamas, a co-ed a cappella group on campus.” With the group, she has traveled all over New England, sung on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, and been part of recording a professional CD. It has been such a great experience, that this year she began taking vocal classes, joined the Middlebury Choir, took an acting class, and got a part in the J-Term musical, Ragtime. She also joined DREAM, a group-mentoring program for local children in subsidized housing, and she volunteers at the local parent child center, helping to care for children while their mothers receive education and services. 

“With my degree, I hope one day to help people suffering from neurological diseases such as anxiety or bipolar disorder,” Devon says. “I am so blessed to have this experience at Middlebury College! I will continue to work hard and make the most of all that Middlebury has to offer.”