Reunion giving is key to Middlebury's ability to continue providing a world class education to our students. Many alumni choose to mark their reunion years by making a special gift to the College to commemorate a pivotal time in their lives.

Reunion Committee

Each year, members of the reunion classes volunteer to help achieve their class' reunion giving goal. You may be contacted by a volunteer about joining in your class' fund-raising effort, or you may wish to consider becoming one yourself. Volunteering is a wonderful way to reconnect with your classmates in the months leading up to reunion.

All gifts made during your reunion year count toward your class's total and toward the overall Initiative total.


Attend the Alumni Leadership Conference at Bread Loaf in September.

  • Pick classmates to contact using the Middlebury Volunteer Portal.
  • Make your own gift to Middlebury by December 31 so you can encourage classmates to join you in supporting the College.
  • Contact your assignments by phone, e-mail, letters or in person during the year to ask for their participation in your class fund-raising efforts and to invite them back to Reunion.
  • Share news about current issues at the College with your classmates and provide feedback on your classmates' interests, questions and concerns.
  • Thank classmates! Every gift deserves a personal thank you.
Reunion Committee Guide

This handbook has everything you need to know about being a reunion volunteer. You'll find information about the Reunion weekend itself; the basics of a successful solicitation; information about the Initiative, the College, and how Middlebury uses gifts; ways to give; contact information; and more.

Click here to download the Reunion Committee Guide.

Middlebury Volunteer Portal

Middlebury Volunteer Portal is our online volunteer module and your source for information about all of your contacts. Middlebury Volunteer Portal is updated daily, so you will always have the most current information.

Click here to access the Middlebury Volunteer Portal. Once you select a password, you will be able to view complete contact information and most recent giving history for your contacts, as well as email them directly through the system.

If you have any trouble logging in or have questions on how to use the system, please contact us at 802-443-2002 or e-mail

Alumni Leadership Conference
ALC button

We hope you will join us as a guest of the College at the annual Alumni Leadership Conference at Bread Loaf each September. You'll hear from the president and other members of the College's leadership team and attend workshops that will help you achieve your class' goals. It is also an opportunity to spend time with old friends and meet alumni from other eras who share your love for the College. There are social events and free time for hiking, biking, or visiting the main campus.